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About 7Ocean

Warm Welcome to 7 Ocean IT Solution. An IT Services Provider across India, started in the year 2013 by a Group of MCA Graduates from BPUT for novice user as well as for any advance user. We have been around for a long time but now we had decided to open this platform widely to larger customers. Our focus is to allow all of you to have a place where you can find your all modern Business Needs and discuss computer/technology problems with their peers and at the same time carry rich resource out of it.

The basic concepts of 7 Ocean IT Solution do not apply only in fixing problems, but to create a friendly environment for all users to discuss about the new technology and Implementation too, their benefits across various script of computer application more efficiently.

Join and raise any issue that you have regarding Server Support, Hardware, Operating System, Internet application, Web Designing, Java application, Mobile Applications and Technical Support. We are dedicated to helping you round the clock.

7 Ocean IT Solution Vision: There is no reason why anyone cannot be knowledgeable about the technology that they are using and not feel intimidated by it. 7 Ocean IT Solution is the one which will provide you all latest technology and services. Our goal is to simplify your work that you have been stuck with for days or even weeks, make you more advance on various application that are used day to day. We are hopeful that with the help of you we can grow into a vibrant community and share knowledge with each other and support in your business.